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DSH Security NL B.V. is a small-scale security company that, with its more than 100 employees, is regularly deployed for various security purposes. Over the years, our employees have become experts in the field of order and safety, such as personal security, personal guidance as the main group, and in addition to school security, catering security and event security.


DSH Security NL B.V. has a special team of safety and security experts who are trained to extract individuals from small and large groups of people, without causing a scene. A small portion of this team is deployed all over the world to train security professionals, police units and armed forces. Another part of our team consists of close protection professionals. They accompany artists and businessmen. We are supplier of various detection systems, camera systems and body armors. We also write security plans, calamity plans, safety instructions and do risk analyses. DSH Security NL B.V. is a renowned security agency known under the number ND-1623 provided by the Dutch Justice Department. Check out the various possibilities on this website.

If you have any further questions and want to contact us, then please send an email for more information or a custom quote to info@dshsecurity.com.

Bodyguards - Personal Protection Specialists - Personal Transportation Service

Do you have, due to you job or social status, an enlarged risk of being attacked or kidnapped? Be assured that you are save with the close protection team of DSH. We know how to keep you save. The security officers of DSH are highly skilled and experienced operatives. They operate with the upmost discretion in any situation. We provide personal security for various musicians, business people, movie stars and many other VIPs. Our personal security guards are deployed worldwide.



Event Security - Venue Security - Night Club Security

DSH Security is active in all areas of event security. We are there at concerts, festivals, neighborhood parties and all other events related to events. Our employees have extensive experience in dealing with different types of audience. We also have a dedicated team of security experts trained to discreetly remove troublesome people from large and small crowds without causing any inconvenience. Security guards are plentiful, but hosts and hostesses are difficult to find. A cozy entertainment venue must be equipped with professionals who are the calling card of any café, bar or disco. Our hosts are confident and with a friendly appearance at the entrance to and in your entertainment venue. Maintaining order and safety is paramount. If desired, DSH security also takes care of your safety plan, mediates during the safety consultation with the permit provider and makes agreements with the emergency services.

Event Medical Team - Medical Training & Education

DSH Security would like to take away all your worries, whether it concerns security or first aid services, taking care of overall security is our priority. Our event medical team can be used nationally for the first aid services at your event We can provide care from two first aid workers to entire medical teams.

In our teams you will find trainers and trainers who have worked and / or are still working in practice for years. This enables us to deliver tailor-made solutions for your company. After all, our knowledge does not only come from a book. We can also help you to regularly repeat and train certain actions that fortunately occur less often in practice, but which you need to keep your skills or the skills of your employees up to date.

Private Investigation

DSH security has a department that specializes in dealing with stealing personnel. We analyze a problem situation, place hidden cameras, monitor the company, enter into confrontation and exit conversations with the employees concerned and deal with the unwanted situation. This method allows a client to fully focus on the Core Business of the company and not on the annoying peripheral issues. Often the executives of stealing staff have developed a personal relationship with them that can make these unpleasant situations personal. We find it very understandable. That is why we supervise the entire process and take over these tasks from our clients.


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